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John James McPhail and Catherine Ann McIntosh

John James (James) McPhail was born on April 12, 1838, in Osnaburgh, Ontario, Canada, the son of Catherine (nee McIntosh) and James McPhail.

James married (believe it or not) Catherine Ann McIntosh (yes, she had the same name as his mother and may have been related) on February 15, 1863, at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church in St. Andrews West, Stormont, Ontario, Canada.

Catherine Ann McIntosh was born in 1845 in Osnaburgh, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Mary (nee McDonald) (?-1857) and Donald McIntosh (1802-1882).

The couple had at least eight children over the next 16 years:
John Joseph McPhail (1863-?)Alexander McPhail (1865-1940)Mary Catherine McPhail (1867-1939) m. John Hardigan (1860-1911) Archibald James Jacob McPhail (1870-1941)Margaret Ann McPhail (1874-1948) m. Francois Patrick Butler (1871-1934)Isabella Theresa McPhail (Sister Mary Bernadette) (1877-?)Donald James McPhail (1879-1933) Baptisms have not been located for the eldest son John.

Alexander was born on January 1…

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