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75th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 11th Brigade

Found this fantastic postcard. My great grandfather, Arthur Bird Griffin is on the left behind the big guy in the front. I believe it's on the street somewhere in Toronto, Ontario, but I haven't been able to locate Webber Bros in present day Toronto (I'll see if I flag the Toronto Public Library if their archives might be able to tell me what street it is).

I'm also uncertain as to which regiment this is. Arthur's obituary suggests he was a member of the 75th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 11th Brigade, so I *think* that must be what it is.

The photo is a postcard from my great-grandmother to her brother-in-law, Charles Griffin and I'm dating it between fall 1915 and early 1916 because she doesn't mention my grandmother, or being pregnant (gran was conceived while her father was on leave and born in February 1917). I'm not certain how it made it's way back to me, it's possible it was never sent. The back reads:

Dear Charly, I am very …

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