Lily Drusilla Dutton and Samuel Schofield

Lily Drusilla Dutton was born in 1877 in Altrincham, Cheshire, England, the daughter of Elizabeth Dutton and Samuel Dutton.

As detailed in the article about Lily's mother and stepfather, prior to marrying William Richard Webb, Elizabeth had a daughter, Lily. All information I've found suggests that Elizabeth's maiden name is Dutton. The birth information for Lily suggests that her father carries the same last name: Samuel Dutton.

In addition to the last name mystery, it is unusual that A) I was unable to find no marriage record for Elizabeth and Samuel; and B) Elizabeth is a "spinster" on her marriage certificate with William. All this evidence appears to suggest that Lily was born out of wedlock and potentially "Samuel" is a made up name. Lily's mother had three more daughters and five sons with her husband William Richard Webb.

Regardless, after years of hitting a brick wall, I have recently discovered this week that Lily married Samuel Schofield on May 27, 1899 in Hulme, Lancashire, England. Despite the uncertainty about Lily's name, we can be sure this is the correct marriage because Lily's name is "Lily Drucilla Dutton Webb" and her father is actually her stepfather, "William Richard Webb". Her sister Mary Elizabeth (Polly) and her stepfather appear as witnesses. Lily's middle name is here spelled with a "c" instead of an "s" as in her birth information.

Samuel Schofield was the son of Charles Rhodes Schofield (1841) and Sarah Ann (1851, maiden name unknown). Samuel was baptized at St. Chad's in Rochdale on May 24, 1874.

Samuel and Lily had three children:
  • Walter Rhodes Schofield (1900)
  • Eleanor "Nellie" Schofield (1904)
  • Frank Schofield (1906-1960)
We find the family on the 1901 English census after the birth of Walter:

Samuel's occupation is an Iron Fitter Mechanic. Lily is using the spelling "Lillie". The family is living at 4 Lily Street in Rochdale, Lancashire, England (I'm beginning to get frustrated with Google Maps on this - I found 18 Lily Street in Rochdale, but no 4. The street doesn't seem to reach that far).

By 1911, all three children are born. Samuel is an Iron Turner, Lily is still "Lillie", and they're living at 5 Worsley Place in Rochdale.

5 Worsley Place, Rochdale (image via Google Maps)
Details related to the passing of Samuel and Lillie have been difficult to find. A potential probate record shows a Lillie Schofield of 4 Kirkham Street West in Gorton died on August 26, 1961. Walter Schofield was the administrator of the estate. It could be that this was her son Walter Rhodes Schofield. It could also be that it's just one of the many Lillie and Lily Schofields in the area at the time. If it is her, she lived to 84 years of age.

Samuel is a little more tricky - there are at least 5 Samuel Schofields who died between 1910 and 1960, and not one of them fits.

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