REDO James Edward Webb and Sarah Kathleen Payne

Pemberton in 1905 (via WiganWorld)
When James Edward Webb was born in 1887, in Lancashire, England, his father, William Richard (1859-1942), was 28 and his mother, Elizabeth (nee Dutton) (1859-1943), was 28. Census records suggest that he was born on June 24, 1887, but his baptismal record suggests he was born on November 4. His granddaughter has confirmed that his birthday was actually November 5th.

James was baptized on February 3, 1888 (the same day as brother Joseph) at St. John the Divine, the parish church in Pemberton, Lancashire.
Wigan Church of England Baptismal Records (image via
James emigrated with his parents and several of his siblings (he had five brothers and three sisters) to Canada between 1903-1904.

James married Sarah Kathleen Payne on January 1, 1910, in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.

When Sarah Kathleen Payne was born on June 22, 1888, in Ontario, Canada, her father, Joseph Robert Payne was 24, and her mother, Sarah (nee McDonald), was 25.

Sarah and James had four children over 24 years:
*Note: After writing this post, I connected with Sadie's daughter. Sadie and her husband are buried at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Stoney Creek.

In 1911, shortly after their marriage, James and Sarah are living with James Jr. at 86 Wellington Street in Hamilton (the record does not reflect whether this is Wellington North or South, but we can confer it was North because James Jr.'s birth record reflects 85 Wellington Street North. Neither of the homes are still standing). In 1911, James is working in a grocery (James Jr.'s birth record confirms this as his father's occupation is listed as a "carter" which suggests that he was delivering groceries).

1911 Canadian Census (image via
The couple are found with their two older children at 173 Oak Avenue in Hamilton on the 1921 Canadian Census. James' occupation appears to be a carpenter (his granddaughter has confirmed it).

1921 Canadian Census (image via
173 Oak Avenue, Hamilton (image via Google Maps)
James and Sarah with their sons (image provided by a family member)
Sarah predeceased her husband and died on April 16, 1947, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 58.

James died on February 22, 1972, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 84.

The couple are buried in Woodland Cemetery (Section 20, Lot 108 (west grave)). The record suggests "James Edward Webb of 51 Douglas Street purchased this 30-square foot, single grave in April 1947. There are two burials at this grave." The stone reads "WEBB, James E., 1887-1972, hus. of Sarah K. PAYNE, 1890-1947."

51 Douglas Street, Hamilton (image via Google Maps)
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