Samuel Gardiner and Teresa Monica Stevens

When Samuel Gardiner was born on October 17, 1859, in Deptford, Kent, England, his father, Samuel Gardiner (1822-1888), was 37 and his mother, Catherine (nee Jones) (1835-1927), was 24.

Samuel married Teresa Monica Stevens on March 8, 1886, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Teresa was born on February 10, 1861, in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, England, when her father, James (1827-1913), was 33, and her mother, Johanna (nee McGrath) (1827-1913), was 33. Samuel was a laborer at the time of the marriage. Witnesses were Louis Stevens (Teresa's brother) and Ellen Ryan. It is assumed that Samuel and Teresa met in Canada, Samuel having potentially emigrated with two of his brothers and Teresa with her parents at some point prior to the marriage. No record of their crossings has been located.
They had nine children in 15 years:
Frederick's birth followed almost exactly nine months after their marriage in Hamilton, Ontario on December 31, 1886. Samuel is a Lineman.

Hilda is born next, on August 18, 1888. Census records indicate that she was born in Canada, but I have not been able to locate a birth registration.

Catharine follows on January 1, 1890, also in Hamilton. Samuel is a Foreman by this time.

For an unknown reason, the family returns to England and is found in Hecmondwicke ward, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England on the 1891 Census. Their address appears to be "29 Lower Granville Street", but I haven't been able to identify it on any modern maps. We find Samuel, Teresa, Frederick (for some reason Frank on the census), Hilda, Catherine (Katie) and an aunt "Mary Ward" (whom I've been unable to identify, but who is likely related to Teresa as she's Irish). Samuel's job is an Electric Light Linesman. I haven't located any records of their crossing.

Amy Helena is born the following year on June 29, 1892 and the family has returned to Canada:

Other records indicate that Charles Ambrose was born on March 10, 1894. I haven't located a birth record.

Marion Teresa (who's birth record only indicates "Marion") is born in Hamilton on April 28, 1896. Samuel is an Electrician on the record.

Phyllis Winnifred's birth on December 14, 1897 appears on a birth registry list:

Dorothy Gardiner is born next on October 17, 1899. She died three days before her first birthday on October 14, 1900 of Tuberculosis.

In 1901, the family is living at 16 MacCauley Street West in the North End of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (verified by Dorothy's death registration). We find Samuel, his job listed again as a Lineman, Teresa, Frederick, Hilda, Catharine, Amy, Charles, Marion and Phyllis.

16 MacCauley Street West, Hamilton (image via Google Maps)
Veronica Clare is born on December 29, 1902 (and I would jokingly suggest that as four of their nine children were born the week around Christmas that Samuel and Teresa celebrated their anniversary regularly).

Samuel died on April 23, 1914, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 54, and was buried in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Obituary (image via Hamilton Spectator)

Teresa died on January 17, 1921, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 59, and was buried in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. At this time the family was living at 446 Herkimer Street.

Several of the siblings were still living together after Teresa's death on the 1921 Canadian Census at 446 Herkimer Street in Hamilton. We find Frederick, Hilda, Amy and Marion caring for their youngest sibling, Vera, who is around 11 at the time of the census.

446 Herkimer Street, Hamilton, Ontario (image via Google Maps)

Charles Ambrose Gardiner

Charles Ambrose (Charlie) Gardiner married Maud Alice Prater on January 3, 1923, daughter of John Prater and Jane (nee Lathrap). Maude was born May 13, 1892. She died on July 18, 1937. After Maude's death, Charlie remarried to Gladys Dixon Webster. She was born in 1893 and died in 1974. His wives are buried in the same plot in Park Lawn Cemetery in Toronto, Ontario - it is unknown whether Charlie rests there as well. He had no known children with either of his wives.

Amy Helena, Marion Teresa and Veronica Clare

Amy Helena, Marion Teresa and Veronica Clare (Vera) Gardiner never married.

Amy and Marion are found rooming together on the 1930 American Census in Niagara Falls, New York, USA. Amy is a housekeeper and Marion is a proofreader at a printing plant. There is a record of their border crossing in 1924 (possibly when they moved to the USA) suggesting they'll be visiting sister Catharine (who was married and living in the US at the time).

Marion lived with her youngest sister Vera, (who also never married) in the Niagara area of Ontario. In 1965, according to an electoral record, they were living at 4638 Fourth Avenue. Marion died in  January 1981. Vera died after 1991. Amy's death date is currently unknown. The three are buried together in Fairview Cemetery in Niagara Falls in Section:R, Plot:0179, Grave:3.
4638 Fourth Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario (image via Google Maps)

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