DONE Dorothy (Griffin) Webb's 100th Birthday

If she'd lived this long, my grandmother, Dorothy Irene Griffin would have been 100 years old today. I've spent the past couple of days going through her old albums and thought I'd share some pics.

Gran was born while my grandfather, Arthur Bird Griffin was away at the great war (WWI). This picture with my great-grandmother, Lily (Moore) Griffin was taken to send to my grandfather while he was on the front.
Lily (Moore) Griffin and Dorothy
And check out the baby gear...
Doorthy in her pram
Shortly after the war in 1922 (and likely while my great-grandmother was pregnant with my great-aunt), Arthur, Lily and Dorothy visited England. This is the only picture I have of my great-great grandmother, Sarah Jane Goodland.

Arthur, Dorothy and Sarah Jane

I *think* this picture was also taken during the trip and it may picture my grandmother's cousins with her, but it's not labelled.
Dorothy Griffin with unknown cousins
And this *may* be a picture of Dorothy with her grandfather, John Griffin taken in Weston Super-Mare, but it's also not labelled.
Dorothy possibly with John Griffin
My grandmother had three sisters. My Great Aunt Gladys was five years younger and Grace was ten years younger (she would have been ninety this year, but unfortunately passed last summer). Gladys and Gran were very close and lived up the street from each other for most of their married lives.

Dorothy, Gladys and Grace
I think Gran is about 12 or so in the below family pic.
From Left - Lily, Arthur, Grace, Dorothy and Gladys (bottom)
They had fun in the summer too.
Grace, Dorothy and Gladys
This photo was taken as my grandmother announced her engagement to my grandfather, George Webb.
Arthur and Dorothy
George and Dorothy made a handsome couple. This photo was taken at a friend's wedding in Niagara Falls.
George and Dorothy
And children soon followed. Gran is pictured here with her grandparents Samuel Moore and Elizabeth (Longworth) and her children.
Dorothy with Samuel and Elizabeth Moore and her children
She wasn't always goofy...
 Her sisters grew up too.
Grace, Gladys and Dorothy
And they still had fun as a family. Especially at the beach.
Arthur and Dorothy, Gladys, Lily and Dorothy's children
This is one of my favourite pictures of my grandmother and grandfather, taken on the Dundas wall on the way up the escarpment via Highway 8.
George and Dorothy Webb
My grandfather died when he was my age - only 42. Dorothy raised her children with the help of her family and her friends. She worked at Minden's Jewellers at the old Centre Mall in Hamilton and I can remember visiting her there when I was young. She always had a cigarette in her hand, loved playing cards (and she taught me how to play poker), and she also loved putting puzzles together. This is what I remember her like best.
Dorothy Webb
She continued to have a close relationship with her sister, Gladys, who lived a block away. They would talk and visit almost daily after Gran retired.
Gladys (Griffin) Prosser and Dorothy (Griffin) Webb
Happy Birthday in heaven Gran.

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